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What is a DexaME scan?

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We offer high-quality and accurate full-body composition scans using the Gold Standard Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) technology from General Electric (GE) machines. The Dexa Scan is a very quick, detailed and non-invasive full body scan to assess your fitness level by estimating your lean muscle, bone and fat composition.
Currently, DexaME is the only service within Ontario that offers Visceral Adipose Tissue (VAT) reporting to better assess your risk of metabolic disease. At DexaME we make the Dexa Scan accessible and affordable like never before, with the most accurate and up-to-date analysis. With multiple clinic locations and more to come soon, you can choose a convenient location for your DEXA scan. 

The DEXA scan is a revolutionary approach to better understand your body and help improve your quality of life. We also offer expert consultation with our physician-led team on what your DEXA  scan shows and how you can optimize your health and fitness. 


Many medical experts believe the DEXA scan is an excellent resource to better predict and manage your risk for medical conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other health problems. Why not reduce the risk of these diseases if you can with the help of a simple body composition report!



To offer high-quality, accurate, and convenient body composition scans with consultation for better health and fitness


Know what you're made of so you can live healthier and happier


Why Do the DEXA Scan?

Weight and body mass index (BMI) are limited measurements of an individual’s health. DEXA body composition analysis is considered a “Gold Standard” for health assessment since it goes beyond weight and BMI to deliver an accurate and precise measurement of the body. By quantifying the fat mass, lean mass, and bone of each segment of the body, our DexaME Reports can help show the benefits of improving diet, exercise, and lifestyle. Also, it can quantify visceral fat to help in the management of cardiometabolic diseases associated with excess visceral fat, including type 2 diabetes.
Dexa Weight
Most people are used to stepping on a scale at every visit to a doctor's office, but monitoring weight alone, while helpful, is at best a crude and an imprecise way to assess health. Today's body composition measurement tools provide far more complete and precise information and it helps to monitor your weight very accurately.    

What are the Best ways to assess Fitness?

According to Harvard Public Health report and many other reputable sources, following are some of the ways people track their fitness, ranked in order from least helpful to the most helpful. 

5. Weight:

4. Body Mass Index:

3. Waist circumference:

2. Body Impedance Assessment (BIA):

1. Dexa Total-Body Composition:


Here's Why Dexa is for Athletes and Everyone Else

Athletes are always searching for ways to attain optimal weight, strength, and endurance, which are all related to body composition. The accurate way of measuring body composition objectively is through a DEXA scan which provides 99% accuracy by allowing the athlete to know exactly their bone, muscle, and fat specifics for every area of their body.

DEXA scan helps determine the optimal range of body fat for specific sports. Many professional teams and athletes use a DEXA scan to track progress in the off-season
and throughout the season. An example would be NFL teams, Olympic training centers, and Varsity sports team. A DEXA scan can help athletes establish and confirm diet and training programs, improve the speed of rehabilitation, and act as a source of motivation.

First, a DEXA scan provides feedback analysis for athletes to provide a trend data which can accurately validate the training diet program of the athlete.

Secondly, a DXA scan helps the athlete discover where an athlete loses fat and gains muscle for a complete assessment of body symmetry which aids in the performance of sports such as swimming, bodybuilding, and cycling. Body symmetry helps the athlete determine bone health, muscle imbalance and injury assessment. Not only is measuring body composition important for performance, it aids in recovery and decreasing chances of injuries by monitoring muscle atrophy and fat gain which can guide the athlete in adapting a rehab program for faster recovery.

Finally, it provides an ease of mind and a source of motivation by reassuring the athletes that the weight gain is the ‘right’ kind of weight gain.

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Thinking of Losing Weight? Start with a DEXA Report

"Diets alone can result in less than 50% fat loss and even more than a 50% loss in lean muscle. With appropriate diet and exercise, fat loss is maximized, muscle loss can be minimized and even gained. It is important to know the difference and to have the ability to adjust the program." - Washington Institute of Sports Medicine