DexaMe's role in your health journey


The beauty of the Dexa Scan full body scanning system is that is can show you exactly what parts of your body you need to work on.  It is not only brilliant in that it can monitor your health accurately but also your weight. 


DEXA Scan is a machine used by health practitioners, doctors, dieticians and fitness instructors.  It assesses your body, quickly and easily, quantifies the fat mass, lean mass and bone density. You can get hold of DEXAMe to book your scan and start on a new and healthy eating and exercise program, and see how easy it can be.


The DEXA Scan can help you lose weight.  Not only will it pick up any possible or potential health issues but it will accurately tell you that you are perhaps carrying excess weight around your middle, or your thighs, and identify your problem issues.  You will know what part of your body you need to work on.  A DEXA Scan aids your health practitioner to put you on the correct eating plan, if you need one and helps you to choose the right exercise programme too.


Illness can be associated with extra weight - heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes are just a few.  Having a DEXA Scan can help your doctor or health care practitioner manage your overall health and wellness, and motivate you towards weight loss and excellent health.


Weight loss? Fitness? Overall health? The DEXA Scan shows you at what level your health and fitness are, and what your next steps should be.  It will help you choose the best weight loss programme or fitness regime, one especially designed for you and your lifestyle.


The DEXA Scan is a body scan that is non-invasive. You will find it at all major health centres.  Get fit.  Get healthy! Get a DEXA Scan.


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