Until further notice, we are no longer accepting any bookings for DEXA scans due to the restrictions.


Please register with us and we can send you an update when we are back to booking the scans.

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What gets Tracked gets Managed

Know your body and start living the life you want to. With the help of our DEXA Total Body Composition report, you can customize your diet and exercise program to suit your GOALS. 


This is what you get from dexame

Dexa Body Composition DexaME infographics scan


Watch the DexaME trailer and get inspired to live healthier. 

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Be Fit.

DexaME has you covered


DexaME has the most DEXA scan locations for body composition than any company in Canada. Find a location near you and book your scan today! 

Our service is designed to work around your schedule and convenience. And the best part is, we're still expanding. 


We provide you with a detailed DEXA full body composition report. We use advanced software and  General Electric (GE) machines for our analysis.

We are the only company in Ontario offering the CoreScan feature able to report Visceral Adipose Tissue (VAT)


DexaME has many DEXA scan locations around the GTA with a streamlined process. This allows us to offer competitive prices so anyone can now afford to get an accurate body composition assessment

What does it cost for a better YOU?

$119.99 Full-Body DEXA Scan

Our DEXA Total Body Composition scan is priced ideally.

No matter what your goal is, our DEXA scans can show you how fit you are, and exactly where you can improve your fat and muscle composition. 

Do MY Dexa Scan

$215.99 Duo Deal (SAVE 10%)

Why not get better together! Buy two of our DEXA Total Body Composition scans for an even better price so you and someone else can improve together. 

Or get these two scans to use as your pre and post training scans to track your improvement.

Get the Duo Deal

Multi-Scan Packages (SAVE OVER 25%)

Why not share the goodness! Get your sports team, co-workers, family or friends to do a DEXA Total Body Composition with these multi-scan packages so you all can improve together and save even more. 

Multi-scan Deal- Book Now

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